Welcome to the Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management

You'll find us in the "Institut für Landespflege und Botanik" in Freising, Campus Weihenstephan (Photo: Uli Benz / TU München)



Vorankündigung Wintersemester 2017/18:

Das nächste Semester wirft seine Schatten voraus. Wir bieten das studentische Master-Projekt "QUO VADIS GOZO? Ein Konzept zur nachhaltigen Landschaftsentwicklung der Mittelmeerinsel" an. Die Teilnahmerzahl ist begrenzt. Aus organisatorischen Gründen ist eine Voranmeldung erforderlich! [Mehr]


May 2017:

New Report: “Urban Green Infrastructure" for the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. [More]


May 2017:

About 145 participants attended at the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2017 that our chair hosted May 16th-20th in Freising with the topic "Inclusive Landscapes". [More]


Summer Term 2017:

You'll find our current teaching offers here or at TUMonline


April 2017: 

Our current offer for final theses you'll find here


February 2017:

Graduate student honoured with SRM Award 2016.  [More]


September 2016:

Trees are cooling cities - scientific presentation selected from about 500 academic contributions at annual conference of GfÖ that is relevant to the media [More]


July 2016:

Water buffaloes in Munich Region - Students of the chair present idea of an innovative, multifunctional open space development in the district of Furstenfeldbruck [More]


June 2016:

Award - our colleague Mohammad Rahmann was awared as European Young Urban Forester 2016 - we congratulate! [More]


March 2016:

New Book out now! textbook on urban ecolgy published: "Urban Ecology - Functions, Management and Development" [More]