Landscape Forum 2017:

Landscape Forum, 16th-20th May 2017 in Freising-Weihenstephan: 

Announcement Poster

The 6th LE:NOTRE Institute Landscape Forum took place from May 16th -20th 2017 in Freising. The Landscape Forum was hosted by our Chair, in cooperation with the Department of Landscape Architecture (HSWT), and the LE:NOTRE Institute. About 145 people from 27 countries participated in the forum - practitioners, educators, students, and researchers. The forum focused on landscape and social inclusion. The working hypothesis was that “Inclusive Landscapes” are accessible for everyone, offering space for collaborative, socially inclusive processes, participation and social cohesion, thus contributing to equity and environmental justice. Further, the planning and design concept “Inclusive Landscapes” incorporates the knowledge and needs of everyone, balances interests of different stakeholders. 

The topic has been explored by workshops, excursions, lectures and discussions. About 95 participants took part in the four different workshops and two cross cutting themes:  

  • Inclusive Urban Green Infrastructure in Munich
  • Recreation and Tourism in the metropolitan area
  • Inclusive agriculture and local foodscapes in the rurban area
  • Recovering landscape biography between the rivers Isar and Amper
  • Landscape perception
  • Landscape and democracy
Participants of the forum's workshops and cross cutting themes

Ten principles govern the final outcome statement for the landscape of Munich North under the aspect of social inclusion. You can download the outcome statement here.

The next Landscape Forum 2018 will take place in Malta. Previous forums took place in Antalya (2012), Rome (2013), Sarajevo (2014), Bucharest (2015), Pafos/Cyprus (2016).

More Information you will find at the forum's website: