Research of the Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management

Our main research topics

The chair develops new knowledge, innovative strategies and tools for landscape planning. Research projects are characterized by inter- and transdisciplinary approaches at different levels and scales of planning in natural, rural and urban landscapes.

Recent Projects

LOS_DAMA! - Landscape and Open Space Development in Alpine Metropolitan Areas
Time: 2016-2019Funding: EU-Interreg[Mehr]

Quantifying the cooling effects of urban trees in relation to their growth
Time: 2015-2018Funding: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation[More]

GreenInfra - Grüne Infrastruktur im urbanen Raum: Grundlagen, Planung und Umsetzung in der integrierten Stadtentwicklung
Time: 2015-2016Funding: Federal Agency for Nature Conservation[More]

AUFWERTEN - Agroforestry for Environmental Services, Energy Production and Added Value – Subproject 2
Time: 2014-2019Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany)[More]

GREEN SURGE - Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy.
Time: 2013-2016Funding: EU FP7 Project[More]

Center for Urban Ecology and Climate Adaptation (ZSK)
Time: 2013-2017Funding: Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health[More]

Past Projects

More Information on past projects you'll find here.