LOS_DAMA! - Landscape and Open Space Development in Alpine Metropolitan Areas

Alpine Space city regions require new strategies to sustainably preserve and enhance the natural and cultural assets of peri-urban landscapes under growing land use pressure. The concept of peri-urban green infrastructure (PUGI) has the potential to achieve these goals by improving governance and planning. The LOS_DAMA!-project focuses on PUGI development and enhancement in close cooperation with regional actors within seven pilot projects within partner cities. The pilots allow applying and evaluating multifunctional solutions, committing stakeholders, enhancing cooperation at all levels, and developing innovative planning strategies. Moreover, development barriers will be overcome through skilled use of participative approaches and tools. Professional and scientific support is provided by the LOS_DAMA!network of project partners and observers.

TUM will collaborate with the project partners to develop a shared knowledge base on PUGI-development and to contribute to local knowhow in order to advance development of innovative PUGI-strategies in the pilots. Conclusions, drawn from the pilots’ analysis and evaluation, will be transferred to peri-urban landscapes of other city regions. The accumulated knowledge will be further disseminated through a young professionals’ workshop as well as through policy and scientific papers.


Funding and running time:

EU-Interreg Alpine Space Programme, Specific objective 1: Sustainably valorise Alpine Space cultural and natural heritage

Duration: 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2019 

Budget: 2.598.520,00 Euro



City of Munich, Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations 


Grenoble-Alps Metropolis, France; City of Vienna, Austria; Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing, Austria; City of Trento, Italy; Piedmont Region, Italy; Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia; Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany; University of Grenoble-Alps, France; City of Zurich, Switzerland; Bavarian State Ministry of the Environmental and Consumer Protection, Germany; European Metropolitan Region Munich (EMM) e.V., Germany; CIPRA International, Liechtenstein; Regional Association Lower Austria/Vienna, Austria; City of Salzburg, Austria; City of Trento, Italy; Autonomous Region of Trento, Italy; Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy; ISPRA – Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy; Piedmont Region, Italy; und Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, Slovenia.

For further information: 

Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit und Martina van Lierop




This project is co-financed by the European Union via Interreg Alpine Space