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September 2020: 

Grüne Stadt der Zukunft Factsheet 1 Potenziale von grüner Infrastruktur für ein nachhaltiges Starkregenmanagement erschienen [ Mehr ]

September 2020: 

PHUSICOS Summer School Webinar about Nature Based Solutions in mountain areas started successfully. [ More ] [ Webinar Website ] 

January 2020:

Awarded! Chair shares honour & happiness with Laureate Dayana Ramirez Gutierrez for receiving the SRM AWARD 2019 [ More ]

August 2019:

Czech Researcher visits Chair [ More ]

July 2019:

PHUSICOS Movie: The Isar Restoration – A participatory climate change adaptation measure. [ More ]

März 2019:

PHUSICOS Look and Learn Visit – Flood protection through nature-oriented solutions. [ More ]

January 2019:

„Back to Nature – Isar history and future” PHUSICOS kickoff with Isar-Partners [ More ]

November 2018:

Kickoff Meeting in Munich - The Project "Green City of the Future" wants to develop integrated solutions for climate change adaptation. [ More ]

September 2018

International Autumn School "Enhance the 'Ordinary' - How to strengthen everyday landscapes in Alpine city regions" in Salzburg/Freising [ More ]

Mai 2018:

Project "PHUSICOS" starts large-scale demonstrators on nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction. [ More ]  

August 2018:

New Report of our research project on Urban Green Infrastructure" for the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. [More]

March 2018

Students honored with award international student competition in Malta. We congratulate! [More]

February 2018:

Research results of Subproject 1 Mitigation and Urban Green Infrastructure successfully completed with a guideline for municipalities in Bavaria (German). [More]

November 2017:

Students visit Malta during students project "Quo vadis Gozo?" and discuss with Minister of Gozo about sustainable landscape development [More]

September 2017:

European research partner present project results of the GREEN SURGE at international conference on Urban Green Infrastructure in Malmö [More]

May 2017:

New Report: “Urban Green Infrastructure" for the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. [More]

May 2017:

About 145 participants attended at the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2017 that our chair hosted May 16th-20th in Freising with the topic "Inclusive Landscapes". [More]

February 2017:

Graduate student honoured with SRM Award 2016.  [More]

September 2016:

Trees are cooling cities - scientific presentation selected from about 500 academic contributions at annual conference of GfÖ that is relevant to the media [More]

July 2016:

Water buffaloes in Munich Region - Students of the chair present idea of an innovative, multifunctional open space development in the district of Furstenfeldbruck [More]

June 2016:

3-day excursion – seminar "Valorization of Nature and Landscape" - students visit large protected areas in South Germany [Mehr]

June 2016:

Award - our colleague Mohammad Rahmann was awared as European Young Urban Forester 2016 - we congratulate! [More]

March 2016:

New Book out now! textbook on urban ecolgy published: "Urban Ecology - Functions, Management and Development" [More]

January 2016:

Students produce radio report for BR2, titled "From handsaw to havester" [info and audio file].

September 2015:

The landscape ecological view, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Haberto listen as audio file.

July 2015:

Seminar Students awarded by GIZ! The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) awarded our students for their ideas to protect biodiversity in Mexiko. [More]

June 2015:

Guest Lecture: "The Making of a Geodesign Proponent", Prof. Dr. Stephen Ervin, Harvard University. [More]

April 2015:

New Book out now! Results of CLUVA research project (2010-2013) published: "Urban Vulnerability and Climate Change in Africa. [More]

April 2015:

Guest Lecture: "Monitoring of Green Infrastructure in the Urban Northeast United States", Prof. Dr. Franco Montalto, Pennsylvania. [More]

January 2015:

Final Conference in Brussels of the URBES project (2012-2014): "Nature's Solutions for European Urban Areas". [More]

October 2014:

Symposia: Current trends on woody plants in landscape architecture. [More]

March 2014:


Results of students project presented in Çirali/Antalya (Turkey). [More]

January 2014:

Master Thesis awarded by Audi Environmental Foundation [More]

October 2013:

6 th. Weihenstephaner Forum: "Resilient cities and green strategies for cities under transition". [More]

July 2013:

Foundation of the "Centre for Urban Ecology and Climate Adaption (ZSK)". [More]

June 2013:

Guest Lecture: "How food consumption alters landscapes", Prof. Dr. Roman Lenz, Nürtingen. [More]

April 2013:

New Book out now! Results of PLUREL research project (2007-2011) published: "Peri-urban futures: Scenarios and models for land use change in Europe" [More]

April 2013:

Guest Lecture: "Destination Management and Sustainable Tourism", Prof. Dr. Felizitas Romeiß-Stracke [More]

March 2013:

2. Annual meeting of European Research Project URBES - Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. [More]

January 2013:

New Report: “Urban wastelands between nature conservation and revelopment” for the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation [More]

January 2013:

Master student wins Science Slam in Cairo. [More]